In the absence of a personalized label on the bottles, people often have trouble with identifying whose bottle it is among a bunch. As such, much of the resources is wasted and pollution is created, which leads to an environmental burden for the world.

Introducting the non-toxic, coated label, bottle users may scratch off the coated label and easily identify his/her own bottle with his/her unique color or designed label.

It could affect the world greatly by mitigating the waste of the environmental resources as bottle users may recycle the bottles repeatedly. In addition, people may send love via these coated labels to express the mind.


KEN HSIAO團隊從事攝影 20年, 從人像攝影到商業攝影,這一路不斷地有熱情的夥伴加入,因此在攝影技術上的不斷地在琢磨,這是我們對於一個客戶負責任的態度,因此,在許多的細節及品質的堅持往往都超出客戶的標準。也感謝這一路上,許多客戶們的合作經驗,因為有您們,才有今日的KEN HSIAO團隊!請放心將您的需要的攝影物件託付給我們,讓我們有機會協助將商品價值提升。 獎項:MVP100、領袖獎